Head Teacher
  • Degree: BA degree in Therapeutic Recreation
  • Experience: 11 years
  • Phone: +1 800 559 6580
  • E-mail: pakwa@cuibat.org


Born: 3rd March 1988

Academic Qualification: Master of Arts in Tourism Management from Indira Gandhi National Open University India


Professional Experience:

In January 2014 Brunhilda was employed into the Catholic University Institute of Buea as Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management. She taught the following courses during the period  working as Assistant Lecturer; Customer Service in Tourism, Fundamentals of Hotel Industry, Event Management, History and Geography for Tourism and Introduction to Tourism. From January 2019 due to her hard work, she was appointed Head Teacher of Catholic University Institute of Buea Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy, The Growth Mindset Academy of Talents. As Head Teacher she is responsible of the Management of Pupils, Teachers, and relating with stakeholders.

Apart from the two principal responsibilities held, she has also held other responsibilities such as Manager of St. Martha Faculty, Staff and Students Restaurant at CUIB from January 2014 to December 2014, Liaison Trainer at the St. Martha Faculty, Staff and Students Restaurant from August 2015 to June 2016, Vice Dean for the School of Business at CUIB from June 2017 to June 2018 and Assistant Coordinator at the Center for Mobile and Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning at CUIB from June 2018 to January 2019.

Currently, apart from being the Head Teacher of CUIB A&T, Fuchi is also a Facilitator in the Centre for Training and Development in CUIB.

Brunhilda has gone through many internal Training and Development programs in CUIB. The following are some of the programs she has gone through.

  • Training on Boundaries relating to work ethics in an Organization, organized by CUIB in August 2015.
  • Annual Faculty and Staff Leadership Training Program, held annually at CUI.
  • Re-thinking Education in a Conflicting Landscape, organized by CUIB, February 2018.
  • Team Building program with Go Ahead Africa, in CUIB, February 2017.
  • Crisis Management Training, organized by CUIB, March 2017.
  • Customer Experience Summit organized by the Institute for Customer Service Buea, in Douala, June 2018.
  • One month Training on how to be a Growth mindset School organized by CUIB from May to June 2019.

Apart from working in CUIB, Brunhilda is very passionate about Music, embroidery and catering. She has held the post of Music Director in 3 choirs from 2004 to 2018. She is passionate in training young Cameroonians in embroidery and how to bake.