Welcome to the Catholic University Institute of Buea Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy (the Academy of Talents) website which we hope you find informative. In CUIB A&T, we have as vision to inspire and ensure that kids reach their best personal potentials informed by Catholic values. We strive to see that kids find their God given talents and balance them up with the multiple intelligences they are blessed with. Through this Academy of talents your kids will fine the excitement and challenges necessary for them to live fulfilling lives, impacting their communities with potentials they are endowed with.

In order to achieve the above, the role of the Parents and every stakeholder is of paramount importance. They must seek to help the child psychologically, financially and spiritually.

As a growth mindset Elementary Entrepreneurial academy, we focus on the formative method of Assessment laying more emphasis on the process of learning. By following this method, we focus on monitoring how well a child has acquired a skill, knowledge or attitude. Learners at the end of the day can master required skills and knowledge.

The school has a highly dedicated team that works very hard to achieve the vision and mission of the institution. Our pupils are at the center of everything we do here in CUIB A&T. This team strives to ensure that at the end of their stay here they reach their best personal potential.

We hope that you find all the necessary information you need here. However, if not, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to the Head teacher; cuibat@cuib-cameroon.net, bfuchi@cuib-cameroon.net.

If you are considering our school please view or download our school prospectus which contains details on admissions and our curriculum per the different levels.