“To inspire and ensure that all the kids reach their Best Personal Potentials through deliberate practice informed by Catholic values.”


“To train pupil Growth Mindset Entrepreneurs with spiritual and ethical values who will eventually become owners of their own development in a rapidly changing world”

Our Values 

CUIB A&T has a core values the following;

  • Growth Mindset: The central thesis of growth mindset can be summed up in three words “Everyone can learn”. When we say “everyone can learn”, we simply mean that every person has the ability to develop, grow, and achieve in any given are. It is based on  – the belief that with practice, perseverance and effort, kids have limitless potential to learn and grow. Kids operating in a growth mindset take on challenges with the understanding that making mistakes and failing are essential for growth and that the most important competition is to compete with oneself and not with others.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Kids leaving CUIB A&T must see creativity and innovation as valuable skills that will permit them to flourish in a rapidly changing world. Creativity and innovation will enable them to think out of the box, enabling them to develop ideas and want to try them. Creativity and innovation are celebrated and rewarded in CUIB A&T.
  • Talent and Deliberate Practice: We believe each child enrolled in CUIB A&T has a God given talent and that they can reach their best personal potential through deliberate practice.  As our mission clearly stipulates, we want to see an African society made of Young African Entrepreneurs who are specialized in their areas of God given talents through deliberate practice. This positions our kids to flourish in our rapidly changing world.
  • Reading culture: CUIB A&T value a strong reading culture for her kids. Reading is a prestigious source of having meaningful information and as a pleasant and prestigious form of leisure. This culture has changed drastically over the years. CUIB A&T holds this culture very dear to her.
  • Respect: In CUIB A&T Respect is a very important core value for us. Our kids are expected to show respect to their peers, teachers, parents and everybody they come across. They are also expected to show respect to people’s opinions, religion and culture.
  • Honesty: To become Young African Entrepreneurs, honesty is a non-negotiable value for our kids. Honesty in building relationships and in all his or her dealings. Honesty builds trust and faith in an individual which is really lacking in our leaders of today.
  • Berakah: This is a very important core value for us as a Catholic Elementary school.  Berakah, later translated by the Greeks as “Eucharist”means thanksgiving, is the Hebrew word which means to praise, to thank or to bless. It captures the foundation of all Hebrew faith in God: an abiding sense of appreciation, gratitude and joyful praise. God had given so much to them, done so much for them, and stood by them so consistently, that the only possible response was Berakah! – We praise you, we thank you, we bless you for all that you have done for us.  Teaching our kids to learn to show appreciation, gratitude and joyful praise in life is very important to us. It also helps our kids to eliminate envy, jealousy and a bitter heart.  We train our kids each day to notice life’s goodness and to acknowledge God as the source of it all.


The Motto of CUIB A&T is Sancti et Scholari which means Saints and Scholars.