THE CUIB GROWTH MINDSET ENTREPRENEURIAL ELEMENTARY ACADEMY, CUIB A&T, THE ACADEMY OF TALENTS, is an outreach school of the University. It was founded in 2017 by the President of the University Rev Fr George Nkeze after obtaining approval from the University’s Board of Trustee. It began slowly when the President of the University, Fr George Nkeze saw the need to provide a unique kind of education – the Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial education to many kids who were deprived from going to school due to the political crisis that affected and crippled the smooth functioning of schools in the English speaking regions of Cameroon.  On the 22nd of August 2017, the school was granted approval by the Ministry of Basic education under decree No 2008/3043 of 15 of December 2008 created in 2017 by the Ministry of Basic Education.


The doors of CUIB A&T are open to children who are interested in learning and seek to identify their God given talents and see it grow. We are also open to children irrespective of nationality, colour, religion, sex, race of ethnic group. Hence, it is non-discriminatory. The language of instruction is English Language; however we foster the learning of other languages.


In the Management model, the PRINCIPAL manages the school with the help of a management team. The PRINCIPAL reports to the Central Administration of CUIB on all matters concerning the school. The Advisory body called the Board of Advisors, works with the Management to advise the PRINCIPAL and his or her team on Academic and other matters concerning the School.