1. CUIB A&T Grading and Assessment  System

CUIB A&T has a grading system which has as its main aim, to identify and focus on the strengths of the Pupils possess and emphasize on the optimization of these qualities, while identifying but not focusing on the areas of weakness. Rather, the grading system only endeavors to help the Pupils grow out of the weaknesses progressively.

The Grading system is not aimed at pitting the Pupils up against each other.  It identifies performance criteria (Standard) but also allows for feedback, teacher- pupil or Parent conferencing and how the Pupils meet the criteria or goes beyond or above the criteria. The essence of this grading system is to bring out the best in each of our pupils by prompting them to build a Culture of Effort through deliberate practice. In this system, we see that failure is seen as a path to success through the culture of NOT YET. Below you find the CUIB Grading and Assessment RUBRIC. 




Marks Designation




90 – 100

  • Exceeds expectation./PERFORMANCE 
  • Areas that are above and beyond the standard performance
  • Can do complex equations.
  • Challenge Pupil to assist peers/classmates improve.



70 – 89.9

  • Meets all basic expectations.
  • Meets the standard performance criteria)
  • Performance standard, Production standard, and Content standard articulated etc.
  • Consistent is meeting expectations.
  • Challenge Pupils to more difficult tasks.


50 – 49.9

  • Pupil needs some more scaffolding to meet the standard required. 
  • Pupil can do a significant part of all the different tasks related to subjects.
  • Has some minor setbacks in meeting standard criteria
  • Child needs extra help and extra homework/assignments.

Not Yet (NY)


01 – 55.9 

  • The Child falls short of meeting the standard.
  • A lot of intervention is needed to get Pupil to meet the standard performance
  • Still needs to understand the basic tasks and objectives to get back on track.
  • The Pupil needs a lot of coaching and mentoring.
  • The Pupil will need to improve on his Effort, Strategies & Tactics.

Ungraded (UG)

No Marks

  • No evaluation on this subject (work not readable, Pupil was absent, etc).
  • The Pupil did not carry out the evaluation.
  • The subject does not apply to the Pupil.


NB: This mark designation system is one which puts the least child at Target (Very Good). We expect that all our pupils should be Very Good at the very least in order to create Leaders and Entrepreneurs of the highest quality.








Attitude to Learning

  • Excellent focus
  • Rarely off-task
  • Seeks challenge
  • Perseveres 
  • Ask questions to extend thinking
  • Approaches learning with active interests
  • Good focus
  • Responds positively to challenging activities
  •   Completes all work set to good standard
  • Answers questions
  • Connects ideas
  • Poor focus
  •  Avoids challenging tasks
  • Gives up easily
  • Passive in the classroom
  • Does as little as possible
  • Shows little focus
  • Disrupts the classroom
  • Work often incomplete or inadequate

Response to feedback

  • Invites feedback
  • Responds positively to praise and critique
  • Learns from setbacks and mistakes
  • Reviews own progress, acting on the outcomes
  • Shows a desire to improve
  • Takes action based on feedback
  • Shows progress over time


  • Sometimes attempts to act on feedback
  • Needs close direction to rectify errors or learn from mistakes
  • Does not attempt to act on feedback
  • Responds negatively to praise or critique

Independent study

  • Starts learning readily
  • Seeks own solutions to problems
  • Ask questions
  • Organizes time effectively
  • Meets all deadlines
  • Shows good application
  • Can find solutions to problems
  • Seeks help when needed
  • Organizes time well 
  • Meets deadlines
  • Require close supervision to attempt tasks
  • Gives up easily
  • Misses some deadlines
  • Normally requires pressure to attempt learning tasks
  • Does not engage unless closely monitored
  • May refuse support
  • Misses most deadlines


  • Seeks solutions to difficulties
  • Sets an example
  • Takes responsibility
  • Acts as an advocate for views and beliefs that may differ from their own.
  • Follow all instructions
  • Shows kindness, consideration and respect
  • Listens carefully
  • Understands views of others
  • Requires supervision to ensure instructions are followed
  • May distract others
  • My be off-task
  • Struggles to understand the views of others
  • Does not listen
  • Distracts others
  • Disrupts the classroom or school environment.

  • 1.                  Attestations, Transcripts, Records of Result and School Attendance Certificate
  • a.                   Application & Collection of Transcripts and Records of Results: A payment of 2500FCFA is made at the bank and a receipt presented. The parent will be expected to fill out an application form and submit. Transcript will be available after 3 working days. Transcripts will be collected only by the applicant or an envoy with a letter of Authorization from the police. 
  • b.                  School Attendance Certificate: This is given to parents after filling an application form given by the school. This certificate is granted to pupils who have completed their fees or have completed fees installment based on when the application comes in. School attendance certificate will be ready after 3 working days.
  • Talent Development Program

This program is aimed at identifying talents in pupils and nurturing them through deliberate practice.  In a growth mindset school we believe each child has a unique talent that needs to be identified and developed. Trained and experienced coaches in diverse areas of sports and socio-cultural activities shall mentor and coach pupils to be the best in the different sports and socio-cultural activities chosen. The Talent Development program shall run every Saturdays from 8:30am to12:30pm. Parents are encouraged to come and assist their kids in this activity. Parents can also volunteer in assisting kids during this Talent Development program. Parents shall be informed if there are other additional days for the program.

  1. Mobile and Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning
  2. a.                   Mobile and Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning is another method of teaching and learning adopted by CUIB A&T,
  3. b.                  Through this system, kids learn how to use technology in learning. This is essential for kids who are in an age of constant technological change. 
  4. c.                   Assignments and study materials shall be sent to the Google Classroom Platform every Monday. Parents shall be expected to help their children at home to do the Assignments as well as to study.
  5. d.                  Parents who do not help their children through this platform shall be advised to withdraw from the Institution.
  6. End of Course Defense Project  by Pupils of Class Six
    • ●       As a mandatory requirement for commencement to the Secondary School, the pupils of class six shall defend an end of course project. This is different from the Common Entrance and First School Leaving Certificate examinations. The pupils will begin working on this project when they are in Class 5. The goal of this project is to enable the pupils to showcase their innovative, entrepreneurial and creativity skills acquired throughout their elementary school period. The project defense is a public event and parents are expected to be present. The full details of the nature of this project will be articulated by a separate document by the School and communicated to Parents, Guardians and Sponsors and stakeholders. 
    • ●       They shall be expected to defend this project in front of a panel for assessment.
      1. Commencement Ceremony
        • At the end of the Academic Year, the school shall organize a commencement ceremony for the pupils of Nursery two and Class six. 
        • This ceremony shall be a solemn and strictly academic.
        • All pupils shall be expected to dress in their uniforms for this ceremony.
        • There shall also be intensive rehearsals by the two classes commencing 
        • Pupils moving from Nursery two to Class one and Class six to Form one shall be awarded a testimonial acknowledging the fact that they have successfully undergone Nursery and Primary Education. For this reason the kids will not put on robe during this ceremony.
        • The kids commencing shall also be given Eagle batches and shall be admitted into CUIB A&T Alumni.